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Our Mission

“The Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce, established in 1948, is not-for-profit organization representing more than 350 business owners and individuals on the island. We seek to create and maintain a prosperous environment for business and industry, while protecting and enhancing the island’s sustainability and improving its economic viability.”

Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1948, the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce has effectively served the business community and residents of Salt Spring ever since. We work to provide Islanders with a community where citizens can enjoy life while earning a living.

A membership in the Chamber of Commerce has great potential to be more than a piece of paper – it is your opportunity to reach out to others and achieve great things. You don’t just buy a membership in the Chamber of Commerce, you buy into a cooperative community where people share their abilities with one another helping each other achieve goals that you cannot reach on your own.

Your support and membership can make a difference to you, your business, and your community.