Brian Pack – Orthopaedic Massage


Orthopaedic massage is the best, most enjoyable massage you could ever imagine having but couldn’t find. Incomparable with any other form of massage, it’s extremely effective in resolving acute and chronic conditions.

Totally safe, profoundly relaxing.


Here’s what a few Salt Springers have to say about their experiences last year:


‘Brian’s experience and knowledge as a bodyworker are amazing.It’s as if his fingers have eyes that guide him to the root of the problem.His skillful touch pulled me back from a crippling edge. That’s why I call him “the bone whisperer.”’ April Curtis

‘These days I am walking around with complete freedom of movement,no pain, and reasonable flexibility. So what!? Isn’t that to be expected? Not really! A few weeks ago, I could barely move, was bent over and couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position. What made the difference? Two words. Brian Pack. Try him. He’s a magician.’  Dave Phillips


‘I would like to share the amazing healing experiences I have had with Brian’s bodywork sessions. I have had two severe whiplashes due to car accidents, skiing and other sports injuries and illnesses over the years which, regardless of the many and various treatments I received, left me with chronic pain and structural damage.

After consulting with people I know who have benefited from Brian’s attention, I decided to seek his assistance. After my first session, I was amazed at how well my body responded – I felt physically balanced, stronger and surprisingly pain-free. Three weeks afterwards, my body still felt as it did on the day of my treatment. My daily energy level is incredible – like I remember it being in my early twenties, before all the various injuries and illnesses. My second treatment focused on fine-tuning and maintaining the integrity of the bodywork from my first session. I am still pain-free!

I found Brian to be courteous and professional in his capacity as a very knowledgeable and highly-skilled bodyworker. He was very attentive to my physical and emotional responses during the sessions and took the time to answer all of my questions, offering valuable insight and instruction on optimizing my body’s natural healthy state. His sincerity and wonderful sense of humour were much appreciated.

I highly recommend Brian to anyone wanting to optimize their body’s health and vitality, regardless of the injuries or illnesses you may be experiencing. To me, and the friends and family members he has worked on, he is well respected and appreciated! Thank you, Brian. I looked forward to future sessions as needed to maintain my physical health and well-being!’  Morgaine Longpre, MSW

In developing his skills as a manual therapist, Brian started with six years of intensive studies in related disciplines throughout Asia before entering private practice. He now has 27 years of broad-based clinical experience in pain relief, joint release and spinal restructuring.

  • 12 years accredited as Maui’s top massage practitioner. Many doctors’ first choice for their patients’ problems.
  • Actively licensed in Hawaii as a medical massage practitioner (US insurance reimbursable)
  • Hawaii State registered in Lomi Lomi (traditional Hawaiian massage), specializing in its therapeutic forms.
  • Seasonally serving SSI since 1992.
  • Canadian-born, globally taught.

In the comfort of your home or vacation rental on a state-of-the-art massage table (heating optional)

2-hour minimum /$90 per hour

$10 laundry surcharge (table linens go to SS Drycleaners)

Mon – Fri / days, evenings

               All treatments are profoundly relaxing


Phone:  250 538 7658


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