The Garden (Living Lettuce)

    Jane Squier harvests most of her own food, including many vegetables plus a variety of subtropical fruit, and markets year-round hydroponic produce wholesale in an extraordinary 6,000-square-foot greenhouse. The facility includes a 90 per cent efficient wood gasifier furnace that heats water piped into a 4,400-gallon cistern with hyperadobe walls for long-lasting heat storage in winter; an experimental anaerobic digester that converts household and greenhouse waste into fertilizer and biofuel; and a highly automated system she uses to grow and harvest crops with minimal help.

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Salt Spring Salads

Introducing: Salt Spring Salads. Salt Spring Salads is the newest food trailer on the Island. It will be operated by the GISS culinary/cafeteria […]

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Silver Shadow Taxi Ltd


Silver Shadow Taxi Ltd – Taxi, Tours, & Deliveries covering Salt Spring Island 250-537-3030


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Salt Spring Sea Salt Ltd.

The natural beauty and pristine waters surrounding Salt Spring Island inspired us to create Salt Spring Sea Salt Ltd. We harvest and evaporate […]

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BEACHSiDE Salt Spring Island

KAYAK & PADDLE BOARDS * Tours-Rentals -Sales * BEACHSiDE tours are suitable for all paddlers, even with no previous experience. Our guides, trained and certified by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, will lead you on a comfortable, fun-filled and unforgettable island escapade. Get close to nature – seals, otters, eagles, osprey, sea stars and more.

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