Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga is a yoga retreat centre and working yoga community located on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Inspired by master yogi and silent monk, Baba Hari Dass, the Centre was established as a peaceful, positive environment for teaching and practicing the ideals of classical ashtanga yoga.

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Essential Oil Parlour

I get to do the most amazing thing! I sell essential oils as natural medicine. They are safer, cheaper and more effective. Essential oils have completely changed the way we approach our healthcare.

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Tamika Schilbe

I’ve been leading wellness retreats around the world (Costa Rica, India, Bali etc.) for over 15 years, and settled on SSI for its unique healing and artisan culture. I’d love to help you to create an island experience that is beyond typical tourism. Whether you wish to have a day-long or weekend retreat (yoga, meditation, coaching, healing foods, or writing), or come for an individual session, I look forward to helping you discover abundant treasures—within and without.

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Paradise Found

Now in our tenth year, Paradise Found has been a healing and clarifying place of transformation and fun. In this magical and uplifting space, we offer private, scheduled and day retreats as well as classes and workshops. Our Wellness Services & Classes include: massage, reflexology, acupuncture, sound healing, breath work, nutritional support, yoga classes, meditation, creative play, strength training, herbal support, singing, dancing, cooking classes and more. Come join us and re-connect to your own inner paradise.

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lavender & black


lavender & black is a contemporary, organically certified, lavender farm and essential oil […]

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