Terra Luma Design

Custom Landscape Design for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in site planning, patios, decks and swimming pools. Offering an extensive line of site furnishings including outdoor furniture, fire pits, wood fire ovens, planters and landscape lighting to bring your garden to life after the sun sets.

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Green City Builders


We are an experienced Salt Spring Island construction company, passionate about building […]

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SR Design

We will oversee and execute your project start to finish, ensuring the job is done to our standards of excellence. We are in the business of helping Salt Spring grow with the greatest care and attention to detail.

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Environmental Cistern Cleaning Inc.

The Environmental Solution to Cistern & Water Tank Cleaning. No Water Wastage - No Insurance Worries. With our exclusive AquaSave plus technology we can now clean your cistern without the use of any chemicals or cleaning agents and without removing the water. Our method could possibly save you several hundred dollars over traditional cistern cleaning methods which require water replacement.

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