Salt Spring is a jewel of natural beauty and deservedly famous for its remarkable environment featuring mystical rainforest, sandstone shores and a great diversity of species of plant and animals. The unique rainshadow rainforest is home to both rare species and many common mammals and amphibians.

Hiking Salt Spring is made all the more spectacular due to the vast sparsely uninhabited areas that include amazing intertidal zones, freshwater lakes and the highest mountains of the Southern Gulf Islands. The 130 km of shoreline offers many public ocean accesses suitable for different purposes. From viewpoints to beach areas, to the perfect kayak and small vessel launching point. Ocean swimming is popular in many spots around the perimeter with lake swimming favourites throughout the island. Channel Ridge Properties in the north offer several hundred acres of a publicly accessible trail system, while Ruckle Park in the South has both an extensive trail system and some of the most spectacular oceanside camping in the region. Mount Maxwell Provincial Park lies in the center of the patchwork of provincial, regional and local lands and is a great spot to hike and picnic.