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Thinking of moving to our little island paradise? Looking for that perfect retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration, a naturalist searching for a tranquil landscape or a family looking for a fun and vibrant community, Salt Spring has everything that one needs. Scroll down to learn more about our community, find information about island living and how to join us here! Learn more by exploring the rest of our website as well as the Chamber of Commerce site for more details.


Lady Minto Hospital

Salt Spring Island is set in the perfect location on one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. Everything about the scenic west coast is featured here: lakes, mountains, beaches, the striking Pacific Ocean and much more. With a moderate climate that provides Islanders with warm summers and mild winters, Salt Spring provides a comfortable living environment for all.

Salt Spring is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands and offers many convenient amenities, including a hospital with 24/7 emergency services, full time police, fire department and ambulance services, 3 banks, doctors and dentists, an abundance of health and wellness practitioners, a wonderful new library, 2 gas stations, 2 insurance agencies and 2 veterinary offices.

Country Grocer

In Ganges there are two major grocery stores, Thrifty Foods and Country Grocer right in downtown along with Natureworks, the healthfood store and green zero waste grocery store – the first of its kind in Canada! Salt Spring Mercantile is situated at Fulford Harbour at the south end of the island There is also the option of buying local produce at the markets which run from the spring season to the fall. The Tuesday and Saturday Markets are both hosted in Centennial Park in the heart of Ganges. Many other local producers and farmers sell their products at roadside farm stands where customers pay in the ‘honour box’. Click here to learn more about Food, Farms and Farmstands on the Island.


Another valuable source of information is the Salt Spring Exchange, a website dedicated to local news, events, stories, market, accommodations, real-estate, rentals, classifieds, listings and visitor information about our community. Take a look here!
The Lions Club Directory is the local phone book which is a fabulous resource for the Island. Included within the phone book is invaluable contact information for all organizations, government listings, businesses and much more. You can buy a directory at most stores on the Island, including the Salt Spring Island Visitor’s Information Centre.

For families, the Island is a wonderful place to raise your children. Our public education system provides four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. There is also one private elementary school called the Salt Spring Centre School. To find more information about our public schools, visit here. There are also daycare facilities and preschools. The Family Place in Ganges located behind the Community Centre provides a “hub” for early childhood services on Salt Spring, and is a great place to research the right daycare for you and Salt Spring HOP is a website full of Family & Child Friendly Hoppenings on Salt Spring Island!

The programs for children offered here on Salt Spring are unique and hard to find anywhere else. Camps during the summer range from arts and crafts to outdoor adventures such as kayaking and sailing, to even a mermaid and faerie camp! Children can also take swimming lessons at our local pool, tennis and golf lessons at our the Salt Spring Island Golf and Country Club which has a brand-new indoor tennis facility! There’s also the option of swim team, soccer, baseball, martial arts, t-ball and many other sports and clubs offered outside of school teams. Many children also commute off-island to Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver to participate in higher level sports.There are also many adult oriented activities, sports and clubs available to all interests and skills. Explore the website and the Salt Spring leisure guide for more information about the programs for sports and recreation. For Arts and Culture information, visit here

Salt Spring Island Leisure Guide

See the 2017 Spring/Summer Leisure Guide from the Parc CRD
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Shopping & Services

Salt Spring has a wide variety of shops and services from Local Goods to Department Stores.
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