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One of the great appeals of Salt Spring is that for a small town population, it embodies a cultural scene one would expect in a much larger centre. On any given night you can be entertained by high-calibre local talent or renowned visiting performers.

A number of well-known performers make Salt Spring their home and occasionally you will see a famed performing artist who is also a local resident on stage at the Fall Fair or local venue, jamming with friends.

ArtSpring Theatre in downtown Ganges is the hub for the performing arts. It hosts music, theatre, dance and arts events year-round. As well as programming classical, jazz and world music series, ArtSpring showcases local performance troupes to sold-out hometown crowds. The enthusiasm and talent is always inspiring.

A number of other “character” venues around the island make charming and unique settings for shows you wont soon forget: Beaver Point Hall, Mahon Hall, Fulford Hall, Salt Spring churches with their beautiful acoustics and atmosphere,” house concerts” in people’s living rooms, all play a part in making the community vibrant for artists and audiences.

You might find yourself dancing on the boardwalk in front of the harbour in Ganges to the tunes at Shipstones Waterfront Pub, or amongst the tree branches as the Treehouse Café, where different musicians perform every night of the summer.